Let us be your One-Stop Shop for Bathtub Resurfacing Products


Bathtub resurfacing can improve the look of a stained, scratched, and chipped bathtub so dramatically that even you, as a professional, have probably been amazed by the results at one time or another. Resurfacing can often make a bathtub look almost new again, and the glossy shine can brighten up the entire room. It truly is astounding what a few hours of work and some quality products can do! Whether you are doing a very basic reglazing, a bathtub repair, or an entire bathtub restoration, we carry high quality products that can help you deliver outstanding results.


If you are hired to do a bathtub resurfacing and the tub is in fairly good condition, you may just apply a primer, and then follow it up with an application of coating and gloss. Often, however, problems with bathtubs are a little more extensive, meaning you’ll probably need a few additional products. Aside from our coatings, we also offer bathtub repair supplies that can be used to fix chips and remove ugly scratches. We carry virtually every type of product you could possibly need to tackle simple or complex projects, including necessities like ventilators and air brushes. We really are your one-stop shop for bathtub restoration supplies.


When you take a look around, you’ll notice right away that our prices are lower than those of our competitors. We have our very own coatings that are less expensive than other more well-known brands. If you think they aren’t as good as those higher-priced versions, however, think again. They’re high performance, durable products that will resist chipping and flaking and last for years. We understand some people might not want to just take our word for it, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all coatings bearing the Resurface Solutions name. Just return the portion you haven’t used for a full refund if you aren’t completely satisfied.


As a business professional, you know that time is money, and our great selection of bathtub resurfacing and bathtub repair supplies means you’ll spend less time looking around for the products you need to complete your next big bathroom repair project. When you choose us as your bathtub restoration supply company, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that getting more gloss or primer is as simple as hopping online and visiting our site. And we even ship your products on the same day you order them, so there really is no reason to buy from a competitor who has a less extensive selection and higher prices.